Presenting Various Features, Tokopedia iOS Application Can Appreciate Apple

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – iOS application Tokopedia received Great appreciation on iOS 14 from Apple and featured on the front page of the App Store app store. According to Tokopedia’s Head of Engineering, Tonito, this is because the online store’s iOS application presents various features that make it easier for its users.

In the Virtual Media Briefing: The Journey of Young Talents to Create Digital Innovation for iOS Tokopedia, Tuesday, October 27 2020, Tonito explained that he and his team had presented several innovations in the Tokopedia iOS application. “There is NFC, Dark Mode, Tokopedia on Apple Watch, and Tokopedia Widget on iOS 14, ”he said.

The Tokopedia iOS application has been developed since the online shopping company was founded. The NFC feature on the iPhone allows Tokopedia iOS users to check, top-up, and update electronic money card balances directly from personal devices easily and quickly.

Meanwhile, Dark Mode is expected to spoil the user’s eyes when using the Tokopedia application, especially at night, as well as helping to save cellphone energy consumption. Currently, more than 90 percent of Tokopedia’s pages have been converted to dark mode.

Meanwhile, Tokopedia on Apple Watch, said Tonito, is an innovation that allows people to access the Tokopedia application directly from the Apple Watch. “So you can search for products, monitor purchase status, check notifications, and make it easy to open the Tokopedia application through the Open on HP feature.”

Meanwhile, the Tokopedia Widget on iOS 14 offers various conveniences, which can be felt directly by users from the homepage without having to open the Tokopedia application. For example, in monitoring transactions or communicating with sellers and buyers.

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According to Tonito, application development iOS Tokopedia cannot be separated from the role of Indonesia’s young digital talents. “There are around 4,500 employees at Tokopedia who are young people, and some were born in 1996 who were brilliant, they became the driving force at Tokopedia,” said the software engineer.


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