Prepare your trip tomorrow Monday, there is a reconstruction of the Jakarta-Cikampek toll road

JAKARTA, – PT Jasamarga Transjawa Tollroad Regional Division (JTT) will do it again profession segment reconstruction Street Jakarta-Cikampek toll road.

The reconstruction was carried out in order to improve quality Street and the comfort and safety of toll road users.

The reconstruction work locations are at KM 33 + 375 to KM 33 + 415 lines direction Cikampek lane 1 and 2 with a handling length of 40 meters.

Profession The plan is to start from Monday (23/11) at 08.00 WIB to Friday (11/27) at 04.00 WIB.

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General Manager Representative Office 1 Jasamarga Transjawa Tollroad Regional Division Widiyatmiko Nursejati said that in carrying out road reconstruction, his party had prepared risk mitigation to anticipate congestion that could potentially occur due to the work.

The risk mitigation is in the form of lane closure on the lane 1 KM 33 + 375 to KM 33 + 415 in the direction of Cikampek.

“We also narrowed the work area to 2 lanes, installing banners for calling for work, preparing contra flow if conditions are already congested and coordinate with the Police, in this case the Highway Patrol (PJR) and PT Jasamarga Tollroad Operator (JMTO), “Widiyatmiko said in a written statement on Sunday (22/11/2020).

To ensure this information is well received by road users, Jasa Marga has also carried out socialization of work plans by installing outdoor media in the form of a job appeal banner and Variable Message Sign (VMS) on the Jakarta-Cikampek Toll Road Section, both Cikampek and Jakarta.

“Jasa Marga apologizes for the inconvenience caused by the work in question,” said Widiyatmiko.


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