Prepare Rp. 92 T, Panasonic Wants to Caplok US Company Blue Yonder


Panasonic will acquire software company from the United States (US) Blue Yonder for US $ 6.5 billion or around Rp 92 trillion. Quoted from Panasonic said that currently it wants to expand the hardware market that is integrated with software, sensors and devices that can improve operational efficiency.

This step is considered a major change in the manufacturing industry’s business model, which so far has only focused on selling goods. Panasonic and Blue Yonder are currently in the final stages of negotiations. However, the source said there was a potential that an agreement would not be reached.

Blue Yonder uses artificial intelligence to project product demand and delivery dates while reviewing supply chains so that the company’s profitability can increase.

Blue Yonder does have software to forecast the number of requests for example the demand for fresh and processed food at Morrisons, a British supermarket chain that has 500 stores.

The company was founded in 1985 and has 3,300 clients worldwide. Including Unilever and Walmart are Blue Yonder clients.

In 2020 Panasonic has acquired 20% stake in Blue Yonder. The remaining shares are owned by US Blackstone and New Mountain Capital. The Blue Yonder acquisition process is said to use cash from Panasonic from fiscal 2020 expenses.

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