Prepare for the gusts of wind that will be registered this Thursday night in New York, according to the weather report | Video | Univision 41 New York WXTV

we will have more tonightlet’s go with the full reportweather.jeús: if you like to have theloose hair, redo it todaybecause there is wind up to 20miles per hour with gusts ofup to 35 miles per hour. formonticello, gusts up to 40miles per hour. the factorwind and temperatures totomorrow they will be with that feelingwell with a strong coat,be capable as an onionso that they are protected. thetemperatures have been like atoday’s maximum temperature.the lowest is decreasing to 41.the thermal sensation, among the30 and 20 for the morning ofhere we see the cold front thatit is affecting us.It will bring us strong winds.another arrives on Saturdaysystem.this one can bring us somesnowflakes duringearly morning on Saturday.during the afternoon, there is riskof some rain in ourarea, specifically in the

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