Preparation for the rough months. Ryanair crossed out the October flight schedule by a fifth

Compared to last October, the Irish carrier cut capacity by up to 60%. He blames governments for the fall in demand.

The largest airline in Europe has further worsened its outlook for the coming months. Ryanair announced yesterdaythat it will further reduce its capacity by 20% in October. British Airways also has a negative outlook for the coming months. They announced today the postponement of the return of a number of European routes to London’s second largest airport until next year.

The reduction comes by a fifth after the cuts announced in August. Compared to last October, Ryanair will be at 40-50% of last year’s capacity. There will be even fewer passengers, but Ryanair wants to get at least 70% occupancy.

Ryanair explains the cuts by the constant changes in the approach of individual European governments to travel permits. “Restrictions, very often introduced hastily, completely undermine customers’ demand to buy tickets in advance,Ryanair said in a statement. Airlines are trying to keep prices extremely low: for example, a Monday flight from Prague to London costs 419 crowns at the time of publication, most flights in the next few days are in the hundreds of crowns. The Irish carrier warned against further reductions, but has not yet announced how it will cut the winter flight schedule.

Restrictions against the original plans are also announced by other carriers. British Airways, for example, has postponed the return of most routes across Europe from London Gatwick Airport until next year.

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