Premier League-Pogba volleys Manchester United 1-0 to kill Burnley! Super Liverpool to top-Shangbao Indonesia

January 13, 2021 21:43 PM


Manchester United beat Burnley 1-0, surpass Liverpool to top

[Netease Sports News on the 13th]The 2020-21 English Premier League had a make-up match in the first round. Manchester United played against Burnley at Tefmore Stadium. Manchester United won 1-0 and Rashford assisted Pogba with a volley to score. With this victory, Manchester United surpassed Liverpool to lead the standings by 3 points.

The two teams have only met 12 times in the Premier League. Manchester United has 6 wins, 4 draws and 2 losses. The two games that Manchester United did not win at Burnley in the Premier League were the first two. After that, Burnley won 4 times away. Burnley scored only 1 goal against Manchester United in 6 home games. Manchester United Cavani ended three suspensions and started the game. Martial, who was originally playing center, was changed to a left forward and Rashford was a right forward. Bayi returned from an injury on the defense.

Burnley (442): 1-Popper/2-Lorton, 5-Talkovsky, 6-Ben-meters, 23-Peters/7-Gudmundsen, 8-Brownhill, 18-Westwood, 12-Brady (65’11-McNeill)/9-Wood (80’27-Videra), 10-Barnes (88’19-J-Rodriguez) ).

Manchester United (4231): 1-De Gea/29-Wan Bissaka, 3-Bay, 5-Maguire, 23-Luke Shaw/6-Pogba, 31-Matic/10-Ra Shford (80′ 11-Greenwood), 18-B-Fernandez (89′ 39-McTominai), 9-Martial (95′ 38-Tuan Zebe)/7- Cavani.


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