Premier League, Football | New video shows the United stars’ discussion in the humiliating loss:

Marcus Rashford and Harry Maguire clearly disagreed on what happened when Anthony Martial was sent off against Tottenham.

Manchester United were humiliated and beaten 1-6 by Tottenham at Old Trafford last weekend, much thanks to Anthony Martial being sent off after just 28 minutes.

Now a new video, filmed from behind the goal where Martial and Tottenham’s Erik Lamela ended up in a clinch, has been leaked on social media.

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The video shows that Marcus Rashford asks questions about why Lamela is not expelled for her participation in the riot.

It was Lamela who was first up with his arm in Martial’s face, before he got a slap in the face back.

However, Rashford is quickly put in place by his own captain Harry Maguire, who is not interested in discussing the situation, after VAR has decided.

– Bizarre

This is the conversation between the United stars:

Rashford: “Nothing for that elbow?”

Judge Anthony Taylor then goes to Lamela and gives the Argentine a yellow card. “

Rashford: “Why? It does the same thing, doesn’t it? ”

Maguire: “It is not violent behavior. They have checked it. “

Rashford: “He hits him with his elbow.”

Maguire: “They have checked it, and it is not.”

Daily Mail is among the British newspapers that have covered the discussion, and the newspaper thinks it is bizarre that Manchester United’s captain defends the referee’s decision against his own teammate.

Sunshine slaughtered Lamela

After the match, Martial was praised by Ole Gunnar Solskjær, for not going to the ground, as Lamela did.

– Well done, Anthony, you did not go down to trick the referee into sending Lamela off the field. He also put his arm around Anthony’s face and neck. Of course, Anthony knows he should not behave like that, but come on! You can not lie down like that. It’s a show. He stands up for five seconds before he goes to bed, Solskjær said at the press conference after the match.

– If it was my son who did it, he would have lived on bread and water for two weeks. This is not how I want my players to behave, Solskjær continued.

The next task for Manchester United will now be the away match against Newcastle on October 17. Then PSG awaits in the Champions League three days later.

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