Premier Australia, deep reservations on French submarines – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – SYDNEY, 19 SEPTEMBER – The French government knew that Canberra had “deep and serious reserves” on French submarines, before the purchase agreement was terminated last week. The Australian Prime Minister, Scotto Morrison, said about the ‘submarine crisis’.

“I think they would have had every reason to know that we had deep and serious reservations that the capabilities of the Attack-class submarine did not suit our strategic interests and we made it clear that we would make a decision based on our national strategic interest,” he said. Morrison at a press conference in Sydney. The premier then said he understood the “disappointment” of the French government, but said he raised issues about the agreement “a few months ago”, as did other Australian government ministers.

France is furious at Australia’s decision to withdraw from a multi-billion dollar deal to build French submarines in favor of US nuclear-powered ships and has had its ambassadors recalled from Canberra and Washington and accusing its allies of “lying” about theirs. plans. (HANDLE).


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