Preliminaries Hidalgo gives victory to the PRI in 32 of 84 municipalities


Cwith a cutoff at 6:55 am and an advance of 99.61 percent of the records captured, this morning the Preliminaries Hidalgo 2020 computer system gives triumphs to the PRI in 32 of 84 municipalities of the entity that were in dispute in the elections that took place this Sunday in the state of Hidalgo.

PRI boasts triumphs; Morena does not know them

Among the PRI triumphs are the towns of Pachuca, Mineral de la Reforma and Tulancingo, the three city councils of the entity with the highest population density of the 84 municipalities in the state of Hidalgo.

In second place, the PRD was placed with 7 and Morena It was up to the third of the preferences with 6 municipalities with triumph tendencies, as well as five more localities in common candidacies that it made with the Green Ecologist parties of Mexico (PVEM), Labor (PT) and Encuentro Social Hidalgo (PESH).

Alternative program to PREP begins in Hidalgo

Of the 3 thousand 874 polls of the day, The results of 3 thousand 824 have already been registered by this computer system called Preliminaries Hidalgo 2020, which replaced the Preliminary Results Program (PREP) that the company Megaweb would operate, but which did not comply with the last requirement of the platform, consisting of the development of the broadcast platform.

During the permanent session of the IEEH general council, the representatives of Morena, PT, PVEM, and PESH expressed their distrust of the emerging computer system Preliminares Hidalgo 2020; while PAN, PRD, PRI, among others expressed their support.

For its part, the electoral advisers of the IEEH affirmed that, although the company failed to deliver the dissemination portalYes, I did finish the first two modules, digitization and capture, which were validated by UNAM.

Man arrested for burning electoral stationery in Hidalgo

It will be this Wednesday that the municipal computations are carried out, which will finally be the official results of the election day that registered a participation of just 48.66 percent.

During the day, some incidents were reported, such as the burning of electoral stationery, which occurred in the polling place located in the Vicente Guerrero primary school, in the community of El Saucillo, in Pacula, where an armed subject entered the polling place and stole the ticket. electoral stationery, which later burned.

In Pachuca, six vehicles were insured and its drivers who performed peripheral work alerting that the state capital is the one with the highest number of covid19 infections in the capital, presumably to inhibit citizen participation, which is estimated to be 48.66 percent.

The seizures took place in the Morelos, Doctores, CuauhtĂ©moc and Nopalcalco colonies of Pachuca. Due to the facts, the investigation folder FEDEH – 194 – 2020-

There were also mutual allegations of vote buying, particularly between the PRI and Morena, who are the state and federal governments respectively.



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