Pregnant Women Positive Covid-19 at High Risk of Prematurity

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

A recent study by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) find infected pregnant women Covid-19 who are symptomatic or hospitalized are at high risk of giving birth baby prematurely.

“In this study, preterm births occurred approximately three times higher in symptomatic pregnant women than in those without symptoms,” the CDC researchers wrote in the study. CNN.

Premature birth is an early birth that occurs before the 37th week of gestation. Being born prematurely runs the risk of giving babies complications such as immature organs and slow weight gain.

The study analyzed 598 pregnant women with Covid-19 who were hospitalized between March 1 and August 22 in 13 states in the US.

More than half of pregnant women with Covid-19 or around 54.5 percent did not show symptoms when they were hospitalized. Among symptomatic pregnant women, 16.2 percent experienced intensive care in the ICU, 8.5 percent required invasive mechanical ventilation and two pregnant women or 0.7 percent died. There were no asymptomatic pregnant women who needed intensive care or died.

The CDC findings showed that as many as 12.6 percent of pregnant women with Covid-19 who were hospitalized gave birth prematurely. This figure is significantly higher than the 10 percent of preterm births in the general population in the United States in 2018.

As many as 23.1 percent of pregnant women infected with Covid-19 have symptoms of premature birth. Meanwhile, in asymptomatic pregnant women, preterm birth occurred as much as 8 percent.

Among these births, two newborn babies died while in hospital. Both were born to symptomatic pregnant women who required invasive treatment.

Researchers suggest that pregnant women and also doctors who treat be more aware of the risks that will be faced at birth.

“Pregnant women and health care providers should be aware of the potential risk of severe Covid-19, including adverse pregnancy outcomes,” write the investigators.

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Previously, research published in medical journals BMJ also found that pregnant women with Covid-19 were at risk of giving birth prematurely, albeit not high.

“While the overall risk of pregnant women from coronavirus is low, the findings of this study highlight the specific risks for pregnant women,” said the president of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Edward Morris, in a statement at the time.

Pregnant women are included in the list of people at risk so they must continue to take precautionary measures from the corona virus by wearing masks, maintaining fingers and washing hands.

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