Pregnant Katy Perry full of energy: Orlando is thrilled


Katy Perry (35) is bursting with energy! The singer and Orlando Bloom (43) are currently expecting their first offspring – and it shouldn’t be long before they can hold it in their arms. It had recently become known that Katy was already making the final preparations for birth and only recently had she presented herself with a huge baby bump. But even in the last phase of pregnancy seems Katy to organize their everyday life as usual – and this fact obviously impresses their loved one very much!

In an interview with Associated Press The actor now revealed intimate details about the very special pre-parent phase – and was really enthusiastic about his wife: “Apart from the gigantic belly, you don’t notice that she is pregnant. She is a force of nature”he explained. Katy complain of no complaints. “It’s pretty impressive to see how she deals with herself at this point. It’s just as usual,” chatted Orlando further excited from the sewing box.

That Katy still seems full of energy and, above all, anticipation, made it clear a few days ago with an announcement in an interview: The “Roar” interpreter quickly wrote another song for her unborn girl. “What Makes A Woman” will appear on their not yet released album “KP5”.

Katy Perry im Juni 2020
Orlando Bloom, actor
Katy Perry at an “American Idol” recording in LA in April 2019


Yes, that totally fits her.


No. I would have thought that she already had one or two complaints.

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