Preference for temporary ferry connection to Zeeburgereiland from Sporenburg

The municipality wants to realize a temporary ferry connection between Zeeburgereiland and the Eastern Docklands by the end of 2021. The preference is now for a connection from Sporenburg.

At the beginning of this year, the municipality concluded that such a ferry connection ‘achievable’ would be. However, it still had to be investigated exactly what the sailing route would look like.

Eight locations

A total of eight locations were investigated where the ferry could moor. This included looking at safety for shipping, the number of travelers, how the jetty should be constructed and the costs.


A connection between Sporenburg and the Sluisbuurt is preferred, as it turns out. The sailing route is short, the researchers think, and the cycling route would also be ‘suitable’.

They also expect this to be the connection most Amsterdammers will use.


The proposal will be presented to residents in the near future. If the temporary ferry connection is actually realized, the aim is to start using it by the end of 2021.

That is several months later than predicted in March. The ferry must continue to operate until 2028.

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