Predicting Climate Change: At 24 Years Old, Beltran, Grandson of Simeon II, Earns Doctorate in Physics

The brother of the “guardian of the crown” Boris is named by the Spanish media as one of the most beautiful European aristocrats

He is the Bulgarian Prince Harry. The second in line of succession to the crown. This is the royal grandson Beltran – brother of Prince Boris and younger son of Prince Kardam Turnovsky.

After the first-born son of King Simeon II and Queen Margarita died in 2015 after a long illness following a serious accident, the heir to the throne is now his older son – Boris. And while he himself has no heirs, Beltran is second in line of succession. He turned 24 on March 23.

However, Bulgaria is not a monarchy, therefore Tsar Simeon II changed the traditions and gave Boris a new title – “guardian of the crown”. Thus, he will not be king, but will succeed his grandfather at the head of the monarchical dynasty – symbolically and without a real throne and crown. Beltran could be like that one day. As is Prince Harry, who is, however, fifth in line to the Buckingham throne after Prince William and his three children.

Actually Beltran and Harry are distant relatives

– Tsar Simeon was the uncle of the late Queen Elizabeth, who is the fifth cousin of the Bulgarian princes.

However, the commonality between the two ends there. Unlike the English heir to the throne, Beltran has a wonderful relationship with his family and does not like publicity and noise around him.

In fact, this is perhaps the most discreet of Simeon II’s 11 grandchildren. The Spanish media has described him as one of Europe’s most handsome princes, but Beltrán seems unfazed by the limelight, fame and ballrooms.

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Unlike his brother Boris, who triumphed among the European aristocracy with his sculptures, his artistic cousin – the singer Mafalda, as well as the two young doctors in the family – Mirko and Lukas, Beltran chose the world of physics, where he was already building a professional career as scientist. In this, he is closest to his uncle Cyril, who graduated in theoretical and quantum physics from Princeton University, although today he works in finance.

After Beltrán graduated in theoretical physics from Queen Mary University of London in 2020, he did postgraduate studies and a PhD in climate physics at Imperial College again in the British capital. He was accepted on a scholarship for excellence.

Since childhood, Beltran has been passionate about physics, and now he has chosen this branch of physics that tries to explain and predict natural phenomena. An extremely promising profession in view of climate change. More and more scientists around the world emphasize the important role of physics in understanding the climate and discuss opportunities to reduce energy consumption and pollution.

The handsome 24-year-old Bulgarian prince is still not far behind his artistic relatives. He

he plays the piano so well that as a child his music teachers predicted brilliant success on world stages

And his mother was tempted to post “secret” videos of him playing the piano at home on social networks.

Like all his relatives, Beltran is a polyglot. He speaks Spanish, English, French and German.

Beltran and Boris have always been a source of pride for their mother. The two grew up prematurely through the tragedy that befell the family after the 2008 crash and the years their father spent in a coma. “During their father’s illness, they were both by their mother’s side. This in such young boys reflects their maturity. Miriam – a woman with exceptional qualities, never hid from them the seriousness of the situation”, she is proud of her grandchildren and King Simeon.

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And Beltran, like Boris, was baptized in the Orthodox faith, as dictated by Bulgarian tradition. After the death of Kardam and Miriam, he changed Catholicism to the Orthodox faith, so that he could go to church together with his sons, and not separate them. She kept her Orthodox faith even after concluding her new marriage with the first cousin of the King of Jordan – Prince Ghazi bin Mohammed. The wedding was last September, and King Simeon II and Queen Margarita supported their daughter-in-law in her decision to continue her life with a new man by her side.

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