Pre-load Warzone patch 1.28 starting today •

But what’s in the patch?

Call of Duty: Warzone patch 1.28 is coming and is now available for pre-load.

The Warzone updates occasionally cause a lot of hassle. If a large patch comes out, you often have to wait to play before it is installed.

To fix that, you can sometimes pre-load patches. That is the case with this update (which takes up around 10 GB).

Starting today, October 12, you can download the update on PlayStation 4. You can then apply the patch to your game on Tuesday, October 13. And on Wednesday October 14, you install it definitively to get started.



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It is not the first time that this has been possible in Warzone. The size of the Warzone Season 6 update was so huge that you could also pre-load it.

At this point it is not yet clear what the patch will add. Our reasoned guess? Lots of Halloween content, such as pumpkins, skeletons and more.

Of Warzone infinite stim bug has now been resolved. But the Warzone Foresight killstreak too powerful or not?

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