Prayer new. Kubišová sang it with the choir for the film


“Olga Havlová is as crucial for our film and for me personally as Havel himself.
If I personally look at Havel as a legend and an icon, then this icon consists of two parts, Václav Havel and Olga Havel, “said the film’s director Slávek Horák.

“She is mysterious, you don’t know much about her. It has such a nice contrast. She is an ordinary girl from Žižkov.

Anna Geisler plays Olga Havel.

Photo: Bontonfilm

Havel focuses on the period of dissent between 1968 and 1989. It follows the transformation of the hero from a frivolous successful playwright to the leading figure of the Velvet Revolution. Fighting for the truth and the right thing, persecution, imprisonment and also love relationships, one’s own doubts and humor. At the heart of the big story is an unusual and even stronger relationship with his wife Olga.


Trailer Havel.

Video: Bontonfilm

“Their relationship was exceptional, even though it wasn’t romantic all the time. But he was built on mutual respect for each other, on respect for each other’s work, on mutual devotion, and especially on the fact that they stayed with each other in times of good and evil and always supported each other. Olga was a strong, independent woman and thus always a strong point and beacon for her husband, even in moments of his hesitation and uncertainty, “says Horák.

Havel will hit theaters on July 23, 2020.

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