Pray for him … a wellbeing emergency for singer Ehab Tawfik

demonstrate singer Ehab Tawfik He wished to inform his social media followers of the details of his situation.

Exactly where, by her formal account on the Instagram photo and online video trade site, “Ehab” posted a photograph of her healthcare report, which mentioned the pursuing: “On assessment of the aforementioned patient it emerged that he suffers from a critical still left renal colic with elevated temperature and soon after evaluation The exams showed the existence of a stone in the higher still left with reflux of urine on the kidneys, the client was encouraged not to vacation by aircraft and to crush the stone employing a wave gadget ‘impact, with adherence to cure and stick to-up “.

Pray for him ... a health emergency for singer Ehab Tawfik

Ehab Tawfik’s latest operate

Apparently, the online video clip “Pasha” is the most up-to-date artwork by singer Ehab Tawfik, as the clip was not too long ago introduced on the preferred video system “YouTube”, and the track is written by Mohamed Shoukry, composed by Beno and dispersed by Mansi.

Ehab Tawfik is expected to release a quantity of new tracks in the coming period of time, collaborating with poet Tamer Hussein and composer Aziz El Shafei.

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