Praveen/Melati Lose, Indonesia Stopped in Quarter Final

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Praveen Jordan / Melati Daeva Oktavianti lost 19-21, 21-9, 16-21 to Hoo Pang Ron/Cheah Yee See in the fifth party of the 2021 Sudirman Cup quarter-finals so that Indonesia had to bury its ambition to bring home the Sudirman Cup from Energia Areena, Vantaa, Finland, Friday (1/01). 10) night time Indonesia.

Hoo/Cheah led the points early in the first game. Although not Malaysia’s best pair, Hoo/Cheah can force Praveen/Melati under pressure.

Having left behind 1-5, Praveen / Melati were able to equalize to become 6-6. Hoo’s error in returning Melati’s service made the Indonesian pair take the lead.

Hoo/Cheah quickly got up and took over the position of leader of the number acquisition. Praveen. Jasmine trailed 8-11 in the first gym interval.

Had time to reduce the difference in distance to one point, Praveen / Melati even further behind. Praveen’s mistake contributed points for the opponent and the score went to 10-15.

Praveen/Melati, who were trying to catch up with the points deficit, had to lose points and fall behind 13-18.

Attempts by the 2020 All England title-winning pair to turn things around were unsuccessful and they lost 19-21 in the first game.

Praveen/Melati appeared more offensive in the second game. The change in the pattern of play made Praveen/Melati win points quite easily and pack an 11-2 advantage.

After the interval, Praveen/Melati maintained a fine form and continued to add to the gap.

Praveen / Melati were held back after a 19-2 advantage. Hoo/Cheah then added the points until Praveen’s slash secured a 21-8 victory in the second game.

At the start of the deciding game, Praveen/Melati trailed 0-2. The advantage of the Malaysian pair continues to be maintained even though Praveen / Melati try to catch up.

Hoo/Cheah continued to earn points thanks to Praveen/Melati’s mistakes. Score away to 3-7.

Praveen/Melati’s pressure in their pursuit of points then paid off. The score closed to 7-8. Hopes of equalizing again vanished as the points earned by the opponent. The new figure is a draw at 10-10.

Hoo/Cheah lead 11-10. The score was equalized, but Hoo/Cheah again won two points. The world number 27 pair then had the upper hand and continued to press Praveen/Melati.

Praveen/Melati’s points are locked at 12. Hoo/Cheah continue to advance and approach critical points. Praveen/Melati continued to make mistakes until Hoo/Cheah won.

Hoo/Cheah’s victory ensured Malaysia’s victory over Indonesia with a score of 3-2 in the Sudirman Cup quarter-finals. Indonesia was stopped and failed to bring home the Sudirman Cup.

Previously, Malaysia won points from the men’s doubles and men’s singles sector. Meanwhile, Indonesia won in the women’s singles and women’s doubles sectors.

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