Prague will close high schools and universities

“Prague will be red at the traffic lights. We agreed with the hygienists that we will introduce distance teaching in all Prague secondary schools and universities within the next week, ”said Hřib, adding that at the beginning of the week there was no agreement on this measure.

Minister of Health Adam Vojtěch also spoke about the changes at the traffic light on Thursday. Therefore, in all schools, in addition to primary school pupils, students must also wear veils during classes.

Hřib also announced that he had recommended all employees of the municipality, city companies and organizations to install the eRouška application, which would warn of a potentially risky encounter with an infected person.

There were 3,130 more confirmed cases in the Czech Republic on Thursday. The virus is most prevalent among young people, and limiting contacts is one of the measures that hygienists recommend to cope with the exponential increase in the number of people infected.

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