Prae Chutima, ex-wife of John Winyoo, slammed the new woman into the house.

It can be said that the netizens are quite loud. With the hot topic of Prae Chutima Ex wife of John Winyoo The latest has come out on personal Instagram. By posting a long message

Relieve the thoughts that have been kept for a long time. After the former husband brought a new woman into the house Where the house is still her name And take the opportunity to use the personal belongings of the Prae woman Making it unbearable to speak

Previously referred to as himself posted on Instagram. With the message that “Today, I broke the promise The promise that I had given that no matter how bad the elder brother and Phae are Phrae will not hurt you “

“Think carefully. How much patience, patience, protection. How much did Phrae have to love? I’m really sorry that I couldn’t stand it. I know that I am very sorry that Prae did not go back and reproduce the move on. Stop hurting and end this story now. #We’re sad enough #People who love us are sad ”

After a while, Prae girl posted another message on story Aig that “Do not use things in your house again! Do not tag the name. Praan is kind. The house is still my elder’s house. If you want to stay together, hurry to pay, quickly transfer, finish or rent a room like the old people.

There will be someone new, we are really happy to know for a long time. Not going back because I know that people … are people … really cannot change.

Pretendingly Posting something until someone curses what we do, we know each other. I have not spoken to answer questions well all along. Help with respect and courtesy Do not let touchperms use our stuff!

Do not throw away, have to donate. Have to work to raise money to raise children Still have to buy new things I will endure it. “


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