PPKM in All Regions of Indonesia Ends Today

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Enforcement of Restrictions on Community Activities (PPKM) Levels 4, 3, and 2 in Java-Bali and outside Java-Bali which started last September 7 will end today, Monday (20/9). The government has imposed PPKM Levels 4.3, and 2 in the 9th extension since the start of handling the covid pandemic.

Until yesterday there were still additional positive cases of Covid-19. Yesterday there were an additional 2,234 new cases. The previous day positive cases increased by 3,385 cases.

Judging from the previous trend, there will be an extension of the implementation of PPKM. It is very likely that there will be a decrease in the level of PPKM in a number of regions in Indonesia. This is inseparable from the decrease in a number of cases which are considered significant.

In the past week, an average of 3,000 positive cases have been added. Cumulatively, the number of Covid-19 cases in Indonesia has reached 4.19 million with a death toll of 140 thousand cases.

Yesterday, active cases or patients being treated either in hospitals or in integrated or independent isolation, again experienced a considerable decline, namely 4,097, bringing the total active cases to 60,969 cases.

“The best step is to maintain what has been achieved, not reduce vigilance,” said the Government Spokesperson for Covid-19 and the New Habit Adaptation Ambassador dr. Reisa Broto Asmoro.

The Java-Bali PPKM Coordinator, Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs Luhut Binsar Panjaitan, has also previously said that the trend of daily confirmed cases nationally has decreased. Specifically, in Java and Bali, it fell by 96 percent from its peak on 15 July. Reisa said the central government’s records in the second week of September 2021 also showed that the number of active cases had fallen below 100,000 cases.

The government has stated that it will continue to implement PPKM in Java-Bali and outside Java-Bali as long as the corona virus has not completely disappeared. The implementation of PPKM in Java-Bali will be evaluated once a week and outside Java-Bali every two weeks. Luhut said PPKM will forever be the government’s instrument in controlling COVID-19 in the country.

Despite continuing to enforce PPKM, the government has also relaxed restrictions in a number of areas. The government has begun to allow various public facilities to operate, such as malls, playgrounds, recreation areas, markets, and cinemas.

Places of worship also began to open. Meanwhile vaccination continues to be boosted. The opening of various facilities was accompanied by the implementation of strict health protocols, one of which was the requirement to have at least the first dose of vaccination.

Regarding vaccines, Indonesia again received the arrival of 1,140,750 Pfizer vaccines in finished form, which was a donation from the United States (US) through the Covax Facility. With the arrival of the 69th stage of the Covid-19 vaccine, Indonesia has a stock of 257,350,400 doses.

Minister of Communications and Informatics Johny G Plate said international cooperation, both bilateral and multilateral, plays a major role in efforts to deal with the pandemic in Indonesia. In addition, the government is also active in efforts to equalize access to vaccines in the world.

“Cooperation between countries is very much needed in an effort to prevent the emergence, development and spread of new variants,” he said, Sunday (19/9).


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