PPATK Blocks 60 ACT Accounts at 33 Banks

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (PPATK) blocked 60 financial accounts belonging to the Rapid Response Agency (ACT) which are in 33 banks.

Head of PPATK Ivan Yustiavandana said the blocking was intended to prevent any more donated funds from entering or leaving the ACT account.



“PPATK has temporarily suspended 60 account transactions in the name of foundation entities (ACT) in 33 financial service providers. So we have stopped it,” he said in a press conference, Wednesday (6/7).

Ivan explained, from the results of the investigation that had been carried out, his party suspected that the funds that came from the public into ACT’s account were not directly channeled as donations. Rather it is managed on a business basis to generate profits.

“We suspect this is a transaction that is managed from business to business. So it is not purely collecting funds and then channeling it to the destination,” he said.

“But actually it is managed first so that there is an advantage in it,” he continued.

He gave an example, from the existing findings, the ACT Foundation was proven to have made financial transactions with outside companies worth Rp. 30 billion. After investigating, PPATK found that the company belonged to one of the founders of ACT.

However, he did not clearly explain who the founder of the philanthropic institution was.

“We found that there was a transaction for more than two years worth IDR 30 billion, which turned out to be a transaction between the owner of the company, who incidentally is also one of the founders of the ACT foundation,” he said.

Previously, the Ad Interim Minister of Social Affairs Muhadjir Effendi revoked the permit to hold the ACT Foundation’s PUB as of 5 July. This revocation is stated in the Decree of the Minister of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia Number 133/HUK/2022.

One of the ACT violations was related to taking donations by 13.5 percent. This is considered contrary to Government Regulation No. 29 of 1980 concerning the Implementation of Donation Collection

Article 6 paragraph (1) of Government Regulation Number 29 of 1980 concerning Implementation of Contribution Collection reads “Financing of donation collection efforts is a maximum of 10 percent of the results of the collection of the relevant donations”.

The Ministry of Social Affairs has also invited the management of the ACT Foundation, which was attended by the President of ACT Ibnu Khajar and the administrators of the foundation to provide clarifications and explanations related to the news that developed in the community.

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