“PP-DB and GERB Meet to Discuss Key Factor for Government Support: Asen Vassilev”

  • A decisive meeting between PP-DB and GERB on Wednesday
  • Karadai scares: Will it happen? the “wedding”, the people will invade here as on January 10, 1997.
  • “Change” accused Radev that tramples on the constitution, called protests in front of the presidency

Asen Vassilev may prove to be a key factor in whether there will be a government supported by PP-DB and GERB-SDS. His presence as a minister in a future cabinet is one of the main dividing lines between the two formations, it became clear from the statements of their representatives on Tuesday. The matter will be discussed tomorrow.

The talks with PP-DB are not in an ice age, but there are no sun rays to melt the ice either. There can only be conversations

if the format, composition, personalities are rethought,

the model, principles and trust. In order not to reach an ice age, which will freeze not only us but also the state, I call on the PP-DB to rethink these things. The mandate holder is on the move. With these words, Maria Gabriel from GERB signaled that she is ready to negotiate again with PP-DB for a government, after freezing the talks on Saturday after the leaked recording of the “Change” party meeting. But against certain conditions. She did not mention Vasilev, but his name in the draft cabinet openly irritated GERB.

In the evening, Academician Nikolay Denkov also gave a sign that concessions might be made in the name of having an office. He explained that there was no better option for finance minister than Vasilev, but he would still discuss his future with GERB on Wednesday.

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We need to sit down with Maria Gabriel and GERB at the table to see what is realistic. The cabinet is not an end in itself, it must solve the tasks that interest people. The cabinet is a condition for having a functioning parliament. There, the budget and laws await, which must be passed urgently to restore a sense of justice and stabilize the country. I am glad that GERB-SDS gave a request that they are ready to sit at the negotiating table, commented Denkov to bTV. Asked whether it is still an irrevocable condition for Vassilev to be finance minister, he said: “Boyko Borisov himself said several times both publicly and in the president’s office that he wants Asen Vassilev to be finance minister. And that part of the conversation needs to happen.”

The attacks of “Change” on Tuesday were aimed at the president, after he said during the delivery of the folder on Monday that the second term was discredited and showed them that it is better not to implement it. And in the evening PP and DB gathered their sympathizers to protest against Radev and in “defense of the parliamentary republic and the European future of Bulgaria”.

Before that, with a declaration from the rostrum, Daniel Laurer attacked Radev (that instead of uniting, he divides), but also called on GERB to put aside their differences and together show “how a clean and holy parliamentary republic should work”.

Radev seems to have thawed the negotiations

I will be surprised if GERB leaves the management in his hands, said deputy Nastimir Ananiev and called for the opinion of Borisov and Gabriel to be heard.

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Because of Radev’s behavior, Kiril Petkov abandoned the meeting of the European leaders in Bratislava and went home urgently. We have clearly seen an attack on the parliamentary republic. No one can afford to call for Bulgaria not to have a regular government, no one can put the budget and people’s money in the background because of their personal power ambitions. We will not allow Bulgaria to take a fast course towards Eurasia and lose its freedom and democracy, he wrote on Facebook. And he was adamant that there is a need for a regular and pro-European government as soon as possible.

The vicious wedding of the last few days, if it happens, with this mistrust of society, we will witness that of January 10, 1997 – Bulgarian citizens will invade this building, warned GERB, the leader of the DPS, Mustafa Karadai.

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