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Eighty years as a country boy. Renato Pozzetto has shot more than 60 films (“too many” he says) but his basic role is often the same: that of the naive provincial who arrives in the big city in search of success and hardly ever finds it, on the other hand finds a lot of laughter and, inevitably, love. In reality the provincial Pozzetto, born in Laveno on the shores of Lake Maggiore on July 14, 1940, found success almost immediately. After arriving in Milan after the end of the war, he met Aurelio “Cochi” Ponzoni on the school benches for surveyors and their life would never be the same: in ’64 they were already “Cochi and Renato”.

Pavia, 400 waiting for the train with Renato Pozzetto: just like in the film

After the apprenticeship at the Derby in Milan, Cochi and Renato arrive on TV with varieties such as “Quelli della Domenica” and, above all, “Il poeta e il contadino” (1973). The following year I was on the “Canzonissima” stage. The merit is also of Jannacci who with them writes very popular motifs such as “The intelligent song” or “E la vita, la vita”. At the height of success their paths split and Pozzetto devoted himself to cinema. Here are his best known films

To love Ophelia

1974, his first role, directed by Flavio Mogherini alongside Giovanna Ralli and Françoise Fabian. The part is cut to size for him with that big and never grown Orlando, a mammon unaware of the sex struggling with a good-hearted prostitute who will be able to take him by the hand towards adulthood. Orlando quickly becomes a mask that Pozzetto will wear several times and with a thousand variations. (Raiplay)

Pozzetto, the 10 films not to be missed

The master and the worker

1975 by Steno, with an unpublished Renato Pozzetto blond and Teo Teocoli. The film is ironic about the ideological clashes of the Lead Years, telling the story of the tap industrialist Giangi Tosi, whose life is turned upside down by the arrival of the seductive worker Luigi Carminati.

Pozzetto, the 10 films not to be missed

Oh Serafina!

1976, directed by Alberto Lattuada and based on the novel by Giuseppe Berto; it is a modern ecological tale. Augusto Valle is a tender, vanished and ecological industrialist. He marries for love one of his workers who instead accepted his proposal only out of interest, and who soon made him intern in an asylum. For this purpose it also seduces the mayor who endorses the operation. In the asylum, however, Augustus is not at all bad, indeed right here he finally finds his soul mate.

Pozzetto, the 10 films not to be missed

I am photogenic

1980, directed by another champion like Dino Risi, Renato Pozzetto offers the best of himself in the role of a thirty-year-old mammone and country man with the dream of breaking into the cinema. He leaves his Laveno and goes to Rome, where he ends up in the hands of the cynical and avid lawyer Pedretti who proposes himself as his agent and Cinzia, a beautiful unscrupulous girl, also an aspiring actress. (Raiplay)

Pozzetto, the 10 films not to be missed

My wife is a witch

1980, by Castellano and Pipolo, with Eleonora Giorgi, is a remake of “I married a witch” (1942) by René Clair. In Rome in 1656, the witch Finnicella was condemned to the stake by cardinal Emilio Altieri. Her lover Asmodeo, the Devil, brings her back to life 333 years later so that she can take revenge on Emilio Altieri, a distant descendant of the prelate: the plan is to make him fall in love with her and then kill him on the most beautiful. But the plan does not go as planned … (Cine34)

Pozzetto, the 10 films not to be missed

A poor rich man

1983 by Pasquale Festa Campanile with Ornella Muti. The engineer Eugenio Ronconi lives a comfortable life in Milan in a large villa and is married to Romina, but he is afraid of losing all his wealth and becoming poor. On the advice of his psychologist, he therefore decides to become “poor” for about a month. While living incognito without a lira he becomes friend of the head of the homeless Fosforo and knows Marta, the neighbor of landing and falls in love with him.

Pozzetto, the 10 films not to be missed

The country boy

1984 super classic of Castellano & Pipolo: classic story à la pozzetto, is the story of a farmer who is looking for luck in Milan. has become a small cult film in the history of Italian cinema, because it is among the first satirical representations of the contradictions inherent in the then Milan to drink and has given rise to various ways of saying that have since entered mass culture (Retequattro)

Pozzetto, the 10 films not to be missed

He is worse than me

1985, by Enrico Oldoini with Renato Pozzetto and Adriano Celentano as two eccentric friends who own a vintage car garage. Their friendship is questioned when one of their cars, Leonardo’s beloved Rolls-Royce, is rented for the wedding of a wonderful girl from Dovera. The classic “love at first sight” starts between the girl and Leonardo and the planned wedding goes awry. Luciano, however, does not take it very well, and does everything to counteract this relationship.

Pozzetto, the 10 films not to be missed

Seven kilos in seven days

1986, a vintage duet with Carlo Verdone born from an idea of ​​the Roman comedian who had created the subject for the directorial debut of his brother Luca. The inspiration comes from the advertising of slimming clinics that were fashionable at the time. Verdone and Pozzetto are two off-graduate friends in medicine who invent a business and make a lot of trouble (Cine34)

Pozzetto, the 10 films not to be missed

Fog in Valpadana

2000. It is not a film but a hilarious TV miniseries with a yellow background, that of Felice Farina, which marks the return together of Pozzetto with Cochi Ponzoni, his unforgettable partner. And so the circle closes (Raiplay)

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