Pozzallo, the mayor warns: “Migrants of the Alan Kurdi? Atypical landing”

TO Pozzallo they know the migratory phenomenon very well, in the years of greatest emergency the town of Ragusa has become a sort of continental Lampedusa: it is precisely here that thousands of migrants found in the Mediterranean have been landed.

This is why they understand very well the dynamics and situations inherent in migration, so much so that today the first citizen can speak of “atypicalness“Of the most recent landing with the Alan Kurdi: “We are in a frontier place. So we have the thermometer on some phenomena that may be underestimated by the central authorities, but that we have a duty to report, said the mayor of Pozzallo, Roberto Ammatuna – There is no doubt that yesterday’s landing was atypical, it had nothing to do with the tens of thousands of immigrants we have welcomed in recent years. Desperate, dirty people with the signs of torture always came down from those ships. The immigrants who landed yesterday were well dressed, clean enough and not affected by scabies. “

The declarations, very strong in that they denounce new situations and never seen before by those who have had the most intrinsic dynamics of the migratory phenomenon at home for years, have been made by Ammatuna to Radio Cusano Campus. In a nutshell, the first citizen of Pozzallo pointed out that this time no desperate people or people from poor classes arrived. On the contrary, those who disembarked from Alan Kurdi seemed to have excellent education and showed no signs of dehydration or violence.

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“It is the most tangible aspect – added the mayor of Pozzallo – that something is changing, that the war in Libya has taken on exasperated connotations “. And in fact, atypical in the landing on Sunday we can find several. Starting from the fact that the migrants, well dressed and in good health, were all Libyans.

Arrived after being tracked by the Alan Kurdi ship dell ‘NGO Sea Eye, the 32 migrants on board all had Libyan nationality. This is a very rare but increasing circumstance. As explained in a report delivered by the journalist Vanessa Tomassini to theUNHCR, the trend of Libyan migrants arriving to Italy has been steadily increasing since 2016. Before it was very difficult to track down citizens of the North African country among migrants, this because more than anything Libya has always been used as a launching pad by smugglers and by traffickers.

For three years now the Libyans have also been running away. And, as shown by the report quoted above, those Libyans who have a position in Tripoli, belong to the middle class if not even more highly placed. A phenomenon that testifies, as noted also by the mayor of Pozzallo, a change in the characteristics of migration from Libya.

The fact that only Libyans landed on Sunday is not to be completely disconnected from the latest developments regarding the Libyan chessboard: the specter of the arrival of jihadist militiamen from Syria and greater involvement of the Turkey in Tripoli, he is perhaps running away those citizens who have everything to lose from the war and the presence of Islamist acronyms.

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And this for Italy is a phenomenon not to be underestimated. Meanwhile, in our country, after the last landing, political controversies also continued: “Other landings, more money – attacked the former interior minister Matteo Salvini – Government accomplice, I can’t wait to go to trial to defend the honor of my country. “

According to the leader of the League, from September the landings would have steadily increased and the fault is to be charged solely to the Conte II government. Meanwhile, the Libyan scenario, right on the migratory front, promises further headaches especially for our country.

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