Powerful UAZ Hunter tuning excited the network

The Russian SUV has noticeably changed and will now compete with the famous Heliks if such a car is put into mass production.

The main advantage of Ulyanovsk SUVs has always been considered increased cross-country ability, but sometimes such cars could let their owner down when moving along difficult off-road sections. But craftsmen took such a flaw as a gift of fate and began to embody their ideas in cars.

Often such ideas turned into the creation of interesting projects, among which it is worth highlighting the powerful tuning shown in the photo on the social network Instagram. This car looks beautiful and monumental, which gives the impression that with such a tank any off-road is not scary. Therefore, such machines must be sent urgently to the conveyor.

The converted Hunter is distinguished by a reinforced bumper with a built-in winch, a front kenguryatnik, wheel arch extensions, massive rims in studded tires, metal sills with armored plates, a homemade snorkel, an expeditionary luggage carrier with additional lights and protective nets on the rear windows. We should also mention a stylish body painted in a glossy black shade – in all likelihood, this was done for representativeness.

Network users were excited by the powerful tuning UAZ Hunter. “Tank”, “Monster”, “Just Otpad”, “Such are needed on the assembly line”, “Class”, “Respect authors”, – the community subscribers comment.



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