Powerful tornado observed: significant damage reported

Thursday, July 15, 2021 at 7:35 PM – A destructive tornado was observed and bands of severe thunderstorms caused damage in this area. Everything is moving quickly east.

image - 2021-07-15T184155.417

A severe tornado was observed in the Barrie, Ontario area causing extensive damage. The neighboring province of Quebec is struggling with two lines of strong thunderstorms that produce torrential rain and strong winds. Rotation is detected in these clouds. Depending on the state of play, it would be an event of force EF2 or EF3. Experts will have to analyze the destruction caused by the tornado to determine the force of the winds. In the case of an EF3, they can blow up to 266 km / h.

The band is moving east

The descent of a cold front is at the origin of this powerful uprising. Moist, unstable air and hot temperatures are the ingredients for severe weather to hit. Thunderstorm bands are moving rapidly eastward and could reach the Quebec border by early evening.

image - 2021-07-15T193325.427

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