Power Bank Explodes, Plane Turns Around, 2 Passengers Injured


Power bank on the plane caught fire on a Scoot flight to Singapore shortly before takeoff on Tuesday (10/1/2023). Two passengers were injured.

“Scoot flight TR993, which flew from Taipei to Singapore on January 10, returned to the start of the runway after the passenger’s rechargeable power bank overheated while the aircraft was on the ground,” Scoot said in a statement. CNA.

It was reported that the plane returned safely to the aircraft parking lot where passengers boarded and dropped.

According to Scoot, the owner of the power bank and his partner suffered minor burns to their fingers. They have received medical assistance.

“We are rescheduling flights and will be providing accommodation and food to affected passengers,” Scoot said in a statement.

According to local media reports, the plane Scoot is rolling down the runway in preparation take off Of Taoyuan Airport in Taipei when airport authorities were notified of a cabin fire at around 7:40 p.m.


Firefighters were dispatched by airport authorities and the aircraft was instructed to return to the boarding area after the fire was extinguished.

The incident did not affect take-off and landing operations at Taoyuan Airport, the media report said.

“Scoot sincerely apologizes for the incident. The safety of our customers and crew is our top priority,” the airline said.

airline Scoot while noting that an investigation is underway.

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