POUR LUI and “VBS Anthropomorphic” once again released New Year advertisements and limited digital collections inspired by the Year of the Rabbit

璞履® for him


At the same time, with the arrival of the Year of the Rabbit, POUR LUI deconstructs the image of a bunny girl to build a “POUR LUI Rabbit Boy”, and airdrops limited digital collectibles to its core customer groups on the “VBS Anthropomorphic” platform.

aboutPursue® FOR HIM

“The third person between you and me”

The POUR LUI brand was established on July 25, 2019, with minimalist fashion aesthetics and comfort as the starting point, and successively launched the ANONYMOUS anonymous series and the MANIQUINNES order series for men, women, gender-free underwear, and household products. Immediately entered the WeChat Mini Program Youzan Mall and the global fashion luxury platform NET-A-PORTER. At the same time, it has launched multiple product and brand cooperation with well-known domestic designer shops Lane Crawford, Labelhood Leihu, and in the PARK. In December 2022, the first “BLACK LABEL Black Label Limited Space” will be officially opened in Chengdu COSMO Youth Magnetic Field, expanding the form of curatorial offline retail.

POUR LUI focuses on high-end ready-to-wear, fashion accessories, and the contemporary expression of non-standard artworks, advocating a decent and interesting lifestyle. The “LUI” in the word of the brand POUR LUI redefines the concept of gender in French, extends the traditional sense of the virtues of men to various genders, and no longer deliberately defines the concept of gender.

POUR LUI is expressed with high-quality and diversified products, which run through all aspects of contemporary life.

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About VBS personification

VBS personification is a virtual image and digital identity development system specially designed for cross-generational users.

Everyone can create their own personalized avatar as they like in VBS, and use this unique digital identity to interoperate in multiple “Metaverse” scenes, so that another you in the parallel world can still display true self.

The 3D virtual avatar SDK is used as a basic tool, which can be applied to social, shopping and entertainment software to create a distributed virtual identity ecosystem, and users can use their virtual avatars to shuttle between various platforms. Everyone’s virtual avatar has a unique universal identity. As a passport to log in to the metaverse, each passport can have a variety of digital assets, creating another “you let the virtual and reality interoperate, VBS anthropomorphism is committed to becoming a leader in building metaverses with digital identities and digital assets.

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