Potassium and calcium, keys in the final phase of fattening and maturation in Solanaceae and Cucurbits

Potassium and calcium are two key elements in the final phase of fattening and maturation both in Solanaceae (pepper and tomato) and in cucurbits (melon, watermelon or cucumber). In these months, both in some and in others, the final phase of fattening and maturation sometimes entails a tight fertilization in these elements.

Potassium provides health and also quality of the fruit, reduces water stress and allows the cells of the fruit to be more permeable, favoring more water in the fruit.

Before fertilizing with potassium, it should be noted that calcium intakes from the first physiological phases until the start of fruit fattening are necessary to cause cell division and hardness of the fruit for harvesting. This is when the utmost care must be taken to maintain the balance between calcium and potassium, as they are antagonistic elements, to avoid problems in their assimilation or translocation from the ground to the leaves and fruits.

The contributions of calcium with Vellca More from the beginning to the fattening phase, they provide the necessary calcium and exceptional cell division thanks to the complexation of calcium with low molecular weight carboxylic acids, so that the plant assimilates calcium very quickly; and also to cell division and growth due to the inducers present in its formulation, which induce the creation of natural cytokinins in the plant.

In the final phase, the potassium needs will be much higher than those for calcium, because the contribution of well-complexed potassium will be vital for its absorption by the plant. For this, the use of Vellpotasium Eco has proven to be the ideal contribution of potassium, because 20% potassium is fully complexed with carboxylic acids, forming a potassium carboxylate. This organic molecule is recognized by the plant and its assimilation is very fast even under conditions of saline stress.

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Vellpotasium Eco causes a great osmotic pressure in the roots thanks to its speed in the absorption of potassium, with which the nutrition with this element and others available in the soil is much higher. This solution of Vellsam Bioactive Materials It has a neutral pH and is free of chlorides, making it ideal for all types of soils, in addition to being certified for organic farming, being a safe bet both in conventional and organic for a quick filling of fruits.


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