Potap stood up for Barsky, who is threatened by Timati: “Next to Max there will be people like me” – show business news of Ukraine

Alexey Potapenko did not tolerate the attacks of the Russian rapper and answered Timati

Potap sided with Barsky / Photo: instagram.com/realpotap

Today we wrote about Potap is threatened in connection with his position on the war in Ukraine. Also under a flurry of criticism was Max Barskikh, who personally threatened Timati. But Ukrainian society is now so consolidated that such antics only strengthen the spirit and make everyone stick together.

On your page in instagram Alexey Potapenko shouts that it is necessary to stop the war, which Putin started in Ukraine. The artist also said a few words to the forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, thanking them for their courage, but did not miss the opportunity to address the Russians, warning that they would face great poverty and devastation.

Now you will become the poorest country in the history of Russia. More than ever. And the issue is not even sanctions. And that the whole world thinks it’s wrong.

He also said a few words to Timati, who threatened Max Barsky.

And I want to say one more hello: Timati, who turned to Max Barsky. You have such a theme, you have – to choose weaker. Max is not such a pumped-up dude compared to you, choose weaker and offend. You know, Timati, you had a chance with a message to enter the world of a completely different content. But you probably do not look and do not know what is happening in Ukraine and why you ran into Max, who is really telling the truth. So know that when we meet, and I think you will definitely survive, people like me will stand next to Max. So see you, because Ukraine will win.

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It should be noted that there are still thinking people in the Russian Federation who condemn Putin’s actions and demand that he stop the military atrocities in Ukraine. And we never get tired of talking about it.

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