Postoperative retinal detachment professor responded to Aier Ophthalmology: Irregular exposure diagnosis and treatment

Original title: Professor of postoperative retinal detachment responds to Aier Ophthalmology: Irregular exposure diagnosis and treatment

Yesterday, Ai Fen, director of the emergency department of Wuhan Central Hospital,WeiboAffiliated to Wuhan UniversityAier OphthalmologyThe statement issued by the hospital made a 4-point response.Ai Fen said that he only hopes to expose the irregularities in the diagnosis and treatment process of Aier Hospital through personal experience.behavior


I saw it today @武汉大学 AnnexAier OphthalmologyThe statement issued by the hospital in the middle of the night, I want to reply to the following points: 1. The preoperative B-ultrasound and OCT results, which were not provided by ourselves, were done in our hospital according to Aier’s requirements. 2. Whether these two checks are abnormal and the fundus retina is flat is not a concept; 3. My cataract is so mild that it cannot cover the periphery of the retina. 4. I hope Aier Hospital will publish my correct preoperative cataract photo. I want to say a few more words. I am a doctor and I never thought about being a doctor.I just hope to expose the irregular behavior of Aier Hospital during the diagnosis and treatment process with my own experience, and hope that my eyes can continue to be engaged in medical treatment in the, Because many equipment operations in medical proceduresInstrumentYou need to use your eyes. If the country needs it, I will wear goggles and protective clothing to go to the front line.I hope Aier has an honest solution to the problemattitude, Instead of trying to “chat” with me in private.

According to reports, in May 2020, Ai Fen felt that his eyesight wasAier OphthalmologyA rehiring doctor introduced to WuhanAier OphthalmologyHospital treatment costs about 29,000 yuan for intraocular lens implantation. Only half a year later, Ai Fen suffered a retinal detachment in his right eye.

According to Aier Eye Hospital affiliated to Wuhan University on December 31WeiboAccording to the news, our hospital attaches great importance to the “Effing, director of the emergency department of a hospital in Wuhan, caused retinal detachment in the right eye in Aier Ophthalmology” released by the media today.The first diagnosis and treatment of this incidentProcessA self-examination was carried out.

Verified. The right eye of this patient has high myopia complicated by cataract and has surgical indications. The patient’s preoperative examination, surgery and post-operative review are all in compliance with medical standards. The results of preoperative B-ultrasound and OCT examinations provided by the patients in the top three hospitals. Both showed that the fundus retina was flat: the results of the fundus examination before the operation on May 24, 2020 in our hospital also showed that the fundus retina was flat, no retinal detachment was found, and the peripheral part was blocked by cataracts, and other fundus imaging examinations provided by the preoperative loyalists Accord with. There are indications for cataract surgery. The results of postoperative follow-up examination showed that the patient’s vision was significantly improved compared with before operation, and the fundus retina was flat.

After verification, our hospital does not tamper with or exchange patient medical records and examination data. We are willing toacceptsocietyAll walks of life and health administrative departments conduct verification and supervision of our hospital’s medical procedures and various diagnosis and treatment links.


(Article Source:China Economic Net

(Editor in charge: younannan)

Solemnly declare: The purpose of this information released by Oriental is to spread more information and has nothing to do with this stand.


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