Postepay can be used as a current account, but beware of limits and differences

Is it possible to use Postepay of Poste Italiane to replace a current account? So let’s go into the details and see everything there is to know about it.

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Many habits have changed due to the impact of Covid, such as the way we communicate with others. A clear example of this is the fact that there is an increasingly massive use of the various technological devices, which also leads to an increase in online purchases, with a real boom of people who decide to use menu to make the various payments.

These include paper Postepay, which offers the possibility to transfer money quickly and easily, even without having a current account. Precisely in this context, many are wondering if it is possible to use Postepay by Poste Italiane precisely for replace a checking account. So let’s go into the details and see everything there is to know about it.

Can Postepay be used as a current account? Here’s what you need to know

A few weeks ago we saw how does the transfer of money from your PostePay card to another Poste Italiane card work. Today, however, we will see if it is possible to use these cards as a current account. To get an answer on this, it is first of all good to know what differentiates simple Postepay from Postepay Evolution. Going into the details:

  • Postepay “simple”. It is not connected to a current account and works like a telephone top-up. To buy it, all you have to do is go to one of the post offices located throughout the country. The cost is 10 euros. Thanks to this card it is possible to make numerous payments both in Italy and abroad, as well as on the various e-commerce sites affiliated with the Visa circuit. But not only that, it is possible to withdraw at ATMs of Poste, as well as at all ATMs that accept Visa Electron and Visa.
  • Postepay Evolution. The latter, unlike the “simple” Postepay, also offers the possibility of carrying out a series of operations that we generally carry out thanks to the current account. A clear example is the domiciliation of bills, as well as the crediting of bills or making a bank transfer. To this end, in fact, the Postepay Evolution is equipped with an Iban. As for costs, however, it provides for an annual fee of 12 euros.

Postepay to replace a current account? Pay attention to the limits

As we have noticed, Postepay Evolution offers the possibility to carry out a whole series of operations typical of a Bank account. Unlike the latter, however, it has limitations. For example on paper no more than 30 thousand euros can be reloaded.

This means that if this sum were to be exceeded, the excess sums must be paid into other instruments, such as, for example, one’s savings book. But not only that, Postepay Evolution it does not allow you to transfer money to any type of current account. If all this were not enough, it may happen that some public bodies do not carry out credits on a prepaid card, but only on a classic current account.

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Precisely for this reason, before deciding to replace your current account with a Postepay, it is good to pay attention to the related ones features and to your needs. Only in this way, in fact, is it possible to make the right choice according to your needs.


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