Post: The wonderful ball

But one day, during recess, I was walking alone in the school playground, feeling the same sadness that didn’t leave me on those days. It was then that, without expecting it, a basketball fell directly into my hands, as if fate wanted to send a message. Without thinking twice, I threw it with all the rage and force I felt towards the backboard, letting my teenage rage vent itself almost from midcourt. To my surprise, the ball went perfectly into the basket. In that instant, something inside me changed forever.

Several of my previously distant teammates came up clapping and cheering for my incredible shot. One of them, Gerardo, a boy with a friendly voice and a sincere smile, invited me to join the game. Although I was reluctant at first, I accepted his invitation.

As we played, I felt that a basketball game was more than that. I realized that human relationships are built from moments of teamwork, no one can be anything without the other, also taking things with joy and not worrying so much about winning or losing, but simply entering the game what is life.

That day, the wonderful ball not only showed me a temporary ability in basketball, but also opened the door to new friendships. Gerardo became a close friend, always willing to listen and offer his point of view.

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