Home Business Possibly this week first test flight Boeing 777X

Possibly this week first test flight Boeing 777X

Actually, the 777-9 should have made the first test flight last year, but due to a technical problem with the new GE9X engines from General Electric that didn’t work. The problem has now been solved. The GE9X is the strongest aircraft engine ever built.

Boeing 777X family
With a length of 76.7 meters, the 777-9 will be the largest member of the new 777X family and also the longest passenger plane in the world. The device follows the three-meter shorter 777-300ER. Boeing wants to deliver the first copies to Lufthansa and Emirates next year.

It is quite possible that the 777-9 remains ‘alone’. The device should form a family with the 777-8 yet to be developed, but the demand for this type is so low that analysts think it is likely that the -8 will never be taken into production.



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