Possibilities for a ministerial change and the Renaissance Dam .. the reason for calling Parliament for a new session

09:05 PM

Friday 12 August 2022

Books – Muhammad Nassar:

The House of Representatives will hold an emergency session tomorrow, Saturday, to discuss an urgent matter, even though the House is in its parliamentary recess after the previous session was adjourned.

Counselor Ahmed Manna, Secretary-General of the House of Representatives, called on the members of the House of Representatives to convene tomorrow in an emergency session.

And the text of the invitation stated: “In accordance with the provisions of the internal regulations of the Council, it was decided to call the House of Representatives to convene in an emergency session at 12 noon tomorrow, Saturday, August 13, 2022, to consider an urgent matter.”

Representative Ehab Mansour, head of the parliamentary bloc of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party, suggested that the criticism was due to a cabinet reshuffle in Dr. Mostafa Madbouly’s government.

Mansour told Masrawy that he expects a limited cabinet reshuffle in a number of economic and service ministries due to their inappropriate performance with the nature of the stage.

And he indicated that the current economic conditions that Egypt and the world are going through need a new economic thought, and he added that the parliamentarians were not notified of any details regarding the issues that will be discussed during the emergency session tomorrow, Saturday.

In the same context, Representative Mustafa Bakri expected a cabinet reshuffle to be discussed by parliament in the emergency session. Bakri also suggested to Masrawy that the matter was related to the issue of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

Ethiopia announced the completion of the third water of the Renaissance Dam, with a total storage of 22 billion cubic meters of water behind the dam body.

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