positive students and teachers. All cases in the last few hours

It was inevitable, perhaps, because the return to school took place “in a new and difficult context due to the pandemic”, to use the words of the premier Giuseppe Conte in the press conference of Palazzo Chigi a few days ago. And “other countries are having difficulties – continued Conte -. It happened in Germany, where schools were closed following the infections, France, the United States. It is an inevitable scenario that we must prepare to face without being overwhelmed by these difficulties. “.

Coronavirus positive students and professors in the last few hours

The fact is that a few hours after returning to school after the forced closure for the coronavirus emergency, here are the first cases of positive children, students and teachers. No alarmism: the rigid protocols and epidemiological investigations to trace the contacts of the people who tested positive help to keep the situation under control. The important thing, it goes without saying, is to immediately identify cases and proceed with the isolation and closure of schools when necessary. In the last few hours, positive cases have been recorded in Lombardy, especially in Milan and Brescia, in Oristano and in the province of Trapani. And in Tuscany there are 42 school-age children who tested positive for coronavirus.

The Ats (Health Protection Agency) metropolitan city of Milano said in a note that “given the numerous requests on the subject, return to school, we communicate that today reports of 4 cases of positive swabs at Covid-19 “. The positivity, certified on Tuesday, were found – the institution explains -” one in a primary school, one in a kindergarten, one in a nursery and one in a kindergarten. “.

Coronavirus, 5 positive children in 5 different classes: now all in isolation

At that point all the foreseen procedures were started which – Ats further clarifies – “led to the isolation of the classes attended” by the children. Classmates, in fact, are classified as “close contacts” and are automatically placed in isolation. Different speech, however, for educators, teachers and health workers who if they respect the distance and the use of personal protective equipment are considered safe. “In the case of the nursery”, however, specifies Ats, “an educator was also isolated”. The schools concerned have not been disclosed, but they are allegedly in the hinterland. Cases of positivity had already been reported in recent days in Brianza, in Lissone.

And always in Lombardy, in the province of Brescia, the first positive case among the tens of thousands of pupils who returned to class is reported. The case actually dates back to a few days earlier, in a kindergarten – the municipal kindergarten – in Offlaga. The child’s positivity was revealed last Friday: asymptomatic, it would be a family contagion. But a few days ago, as mentioned, the little one had already returned to school: hence the decision of the Ats – the Health Protection Agency – to isolate all his classmates and teachers and operators who came into contact. Further restrictive measures are not ruled out, and in any case a blanket test campaign: the positive child has two siblings who attend elementary and middle school.

42 coronavirus positive children in Tuscany

There are 42 school-age children who tested positive for coronavirus following swabs required since last September 14, the starting date of the school year for many institutions. This is what emerges from the data held by the Tuscany Region. In detail, since 14 September in the region requests for swabs for school-age children, from nurseries to upper secondary schools, have been 1,640. The swabs performed and whose outcome was reported are currently 640, for a total of 42 positives (of which 13 positives with low viral load). There were 309 requests for tampons made for children in the 0-3 age group, 290 for the 3-6 year group, 452 for elementary school pupils, 205 for lower secondary school pupils and 384 for high school students.

Sixteen children, three teachers and a school worker in a class of Felice Orsi primary school in Porcari, in the province of Lucca, are in quarantine at home following the positivity that emerged today of an asymptomatic child, who had carried out a molecular swab yesterday, not for Covid risk established but as a routine test. This was announced by the North West Tuscany Local Health Authority “The hygiene and public health structure of the Plain of Lucca, which manages this situation together with the school staff and the mayor of Porcari Leonardo Fornaciari – he explains -, is carrying out the epidemiological investigation on the children, teachers and school collaborators concerned. At the moment, no risk factors have been identified that require measures to be taken by the other classes of the institution “.

Coronavirus, the positive teacher in Terralba (Oristano)

A remedial teacher from a middle school Terralba, in the province of Oristano, was found positive for coronavirus and about twenty pupils were quarantined pending the swab. The school complex has already been sanitized and is regularly open. The teacher who tested positive was part of the ‘Iscola’ project financed by the Region and not of the school’s teaching staff. Only a few days ago, however, he had held remedial courses in the institute in Viale Sardegna in which about twenty pupils had taken part, now in isolation. The lessons were given in small groups and according to the protocol of the Scientific Technical Committee. After the first case of coronavirus recorded in Terralba, the courses had been suspended. According to what is learned, the teacher would be asymptomatic. The head teacher said he had “contacted the families of the children who had attended the courses, to warn them. The school was sanitized this morning”.

The two cases in two schools in the province of Trapani

A teacher of the “Spring” kindergarten in Erice Casa Santa, in the Trapani area, tested positive for coronavirus after taking a swab. The school, reports the Ansa agency, has closed and the children who attend it – as per protocol – have been placed in quarantine pending tests. The Asp of Trapani has started the planned epidemiological investigation to trace the contacts of the person who tested positive.

And always in the Trapani area, a Petrosino, a school employee of the Nosengo comprehensive institute tested positive for coronavirus. “The school activity of the institute – announced the mayor of the municipality of Trapani Gaspare Giacalone – is suspended. The provincial health authority of Trapani has already activated all the necessary procedures and the screening of people who have come into contact with the employee. The Municipality has already prepared and planned a series of sanitizations in all school buildings before the start of the teaching year, but also a series of sanitization interventions in the polling station complexes before, during and after the operations for the referendum vote scheduled for next weekend. Once again I invite all citizens to scrupulously observe and even more all the anti-contagion precautions, such as respect for social distancing, the use of masks and hand hygiene. aimed at not creating alarmism even in the event that further cases should be registered “.

Coronavirus, today’s bulletin Wednesday 16 September: the new outbreaks

Elementary school closed Chianciano Terme (Siena). This was decided by the mayor Andrea Marchetti, in agreement with the headmaster and the ASL after a teacher tested positive for the coronavirus and nine other teachers from the same school are in precautionary quarantine until 30 September. The school is closed due to the lack of teaching staff. The teacher, paucisymptomatic, tested positive, from what the municipal administration explains, had never entered the school after the reopening and never had contact with children waiting for the result of the swab. Distance learning was arranged for the pupils.

Coronavirus at school, three cases in Trentino

Three children infected in Trentino: one asymptomatic in a nursery school on the Pinè plateau who tested positive afterwards due to medical treatment for a fall. One in an elementary school in the Val di Sole reported by the pediatrician for symptoms compatible with Covid-19. A third case concerns a boy from the Rovereto high school connected to a known outbreak with a positive family member,

In all situations the provincial protocol was implemented, with the isolation of the students of the classes concerned.

Quarantine for two classes in the Marca Trevigiana

The pupils of two classes of the province of Treviso were placed in quarantine, following the emergence of a positivity in a kindergarten and in the District Higher Institute respectively. This was announced by the Ulss Company of the Marca Trevigiana. At the Materna the quarantine was started also for the teachers; no restrictive measure, however, for the teachers of the High School, where distancing and use of masks apply.

A two-year-old girl was admitted to Genoa: she attended kindergarten

Since Sunday a 2-year-old girl from Bangladesh has been admitted to the Gaslini hospital in Genoa who attended the kindergarten in the city of Genoa. Take all prophylaxis measures and tracking operations. Two teachers, one auxiliary and two cooks were subjected to the swabs. “The kindergarten is not closed because the kindergartens of this type work in bubbles of two children and all the other children have not come into contact with the child in question”, said the president of Liguria.

He swabs and goes to kindergarten before the (positive) outcome: his companions, teachers and families are in quarantine

He had swabs on September 3 but still went to primary school on 7, 8 and 9, until the family on 9 knew that the test was positive and then stopped taking him to class. The school reported yesterday to the municipal administration of Cesano Maderno the case of positivity to Covid-19 among his pupils and today all the children and teachers of the positive pupil’s class have been subjected to swabs at the San Gerardo hospital in Monza. The lessons for this class have been suspended, while the children and their families, as well as the teachers, are in quarantine pending the outcome of the swab and the indications of Ats.



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Article updated at 19:09 with the case of Cesano Maderno


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