Positive spokesperson Mattarella. Grasso is fine, no contact with the president – Politics


Giovanni Grasso, spokesman for the President of the Republic, has symptomatic covid. It was he himself who made it known by clarifying that Friday evening he had a high fever, on Saturday he had the swab and this morning I had the response: positive.
“Since this morning I have no fever and I am quite well … I monitor the oxygen saturation and the values ​​are absolutely normal. Wednesday afternoon I had a swab and I tested negative. Fortunately, Thursday and Friday (days when I was potentially infectious) I have not had direct contact with the President. Now I am in isolation at home. My son and my wife are negative. The planned sanitation and control procedures have already started at the Quirinale.
We cross our fingers and watch out for the virus: it is truly treacherous!



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