Positive search for relief for viewers For the same money

The couple also realizes that they live in a dream place with a view over the harbor, ‘as if we live on vacation’ they describe it. But you don’t have chickens for that yet; Stef’s big dream. The couple now regularly jumps on their bikes to visit their vegetable garden and the outdoors tastes like more. She therefore looks like a farm in the Achterhoek. Their current home has risen in price, so their dream home is within reach. They just have to dare to take the step.

Ingrid is a real ‘Haags Hopje’, but she needs peace and quiet and animals around her. “That is a bit of the dream and then Stef said at a certain point: ‘But then you should not wait until you are 80′”, she explains their wishes. A matter now or never.

When the couple drives a tour through the Netherlands together with presenter Natasja, it turns out that you can’t easily go wrong with Ingrid and Stef. The broker has done her job well and the couple falls from one surprise to the other. A relief, if you look at the complaining couples this season, as the viewer also finds on Twitter.

All three houses that Stef and Ingrid see have their own charm, but they are only allowed to live in one trial home. The couple therefore faces a difficult choice. ‘The house that fits like a jacket’, they describe their choice for the first house in Nieuwleusen. “The lands are good, the animals are fantastic. I’m going to practice,” said Ingrid.

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Immediately upon arrival, the two revive when they greet the animals. The residents have also provided a warm welcome with apple pie and a nice glass of wine. And not only the house, the environment is also appreciated. Yet they still have a few things to criticize about the house, which they found out during the trial living. Nevertheless, they would like to make an offer … and it is accepted! They still have to be patient, because from March 1, 2021, their dream house will only officially belong to them.

Natasja Froger is already in the second season For the same money present and told RTL Boulevard all about this project.

For the same money see you on Monday at 8.30 pm on RTL 4 or look ahead on Videoland.

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