Positive Inside View of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Rumored

According to reports, according to VGC podcastThe latest episode of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League received a positive response internally.

That’s despite the backlash the game received following its recent State of PlayStation Games reveal. With rumors of the game being pushed back to later this year or even 2024, it’s understandable to think that Rocksteady’s morale might be a little low.

However, those working on games are optimistic, according to VGC’s Andy Robinson. I’ve been told this isn’t another Gotham Knight, and everyone who’s worked on this is very optimistic about the combat loops and game worlds they’re making and things like that.

Robinson went on to say that he’d be surprised if the studio actually considered making some major changes to the core gameplay loop or something similar.

Are you excited for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League?

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