Positive Health Personnel for COVID-19, 2 Puskesmas in Enrekang Closed

Aris Bafauzi |Wednesday, October 07 2020 – 18:40 WIB
2 puskesmas in Enrekang Regency have been temporarily closed because their health workers are positive for COVID-19. Photo: SINDOnews / Aris Bafauzi

ENREKANGHealth services at two puskesmas in Enrekang District, namely Alla and Baroko, have been temporarily suspended. The policy was taken by the government after health workers in the two health centers tested positive for COVID-19.

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“Two health centers, namely Baroko and Alla (temporarily closed) in order to prevent the spread of the virus. There are 10 health workers who tested positive for COVID,” explained the spokesperson. Enrekang Regency Government for the prevention of COVID-19, Sutrisno, Wednesday (7/10/2020).

The closure of services at the two puskesmas took place from 4 October to 11 October. If there are people in Alla and Baroko Subdistricts who want to seek treatment, they are advised to go to another puskesmas.

“For those in Baroko, they can go to Masalle, or to Kalosi. And those in Alla can go to Anggeraja, Kalosi, or to Sumbang,” added Sutrisno.

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The 10 puskesmas health workers who were positive were eight medical personnel and two non-medical personnel respectively. Until now the number of patient cases is positive COVID-19 in Enrekang as many as 132 cases.


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