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Since the most remote times of Humanity, art has been considered – in its various forms – as a fundamental component in the integral development of the child, since it has been conclusively demonstrated that it enhances, among others, their creative character and their aesthetic sense as well its sensitivity and expressiveness. In addition, given that by nature the human being is a creator, to communicate and express his ideas, thoughts, reflections and feelings, he can express his emotions, problems and concerns through the same, through rhythms, songs, works, gestures or movements, yes, all of them endowed with meaning. Consequently and according to the opinion of different experts, encourage children in any of their different artistic activities from their earliest childhood, where they demonstrate both a vehement illusion to progress in them and their abilities – such as drawing, painting, sculpture , cante, dance or corporal expression– it is without any doubt, in addition to the best investment for your future, something truly positive.


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