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Poseidon Defeats Clouded Leopards with 7-Point Gap: NBA Star Cassens in the Spotlight

2024-01-27 19:40 United Daily News reporter Liu Zhaoyu/Taoyuan real-time report

Kaohsiung Family Poseidon visited the Taiwan Beer Yongfeng Clouded Leopards’ home court today. With 14 three-pointers and putting Cassens in foul trouble, they ended up interrupting the Clouded Leopards’ 6-game winning streak with a 7-point gap. This game was on the front line. Hu Longmao, the Poseidon’s first brother who played against Cassens, said that compared to last year’s Clouded Leopard’s “Warcraft” Howard, who was as tough as a rock, Cassens was tough yet soft, and there was a big difference between the two.

The Clouded Leopards have recruited NBA star centers to help them in the past two seasons, but they have not been able to play easily against Poseidon. Especially Poseidon’s first brother Hu Longmao has still shown tough ball against Howard and Cousins ​​for two consecutive seasons. Feng, especially when facing Carsons today, there was a dispute due to a physical conflict with Carsons less than 30 seconds into the game.

Today, although Poseidon allowed Cousins ​​to score an all-around performance of 20 points, 15 rebounds and 8 assists, he also suffered five fouls early. In the end, Poseidon also won with a 7-point gap, allowing the Clouded Leopard to swallow up the success of Cousins ​​after joining. The first defeat also interrupted the recent 6-game winning streak.

Talking about facing off against Cassens, Hu Longmao said after the game that although both sides exchanged a lot of trash talk on the court, it was not directed at each other. The two also had a normal conversation after the game, “No matter what I said today, I will play like this against everyone. What I have to do is to help the team win the game. After the game, we also chatted normally. He also told me that during the team information search, he mentioned that I would play more fiercely, but we just I played normally and I didn’t play with him with any emotion.”

Cassens (right) and Hu Longmao (left) had a lot of confrontations and exchanges on the court today.Reporter Ji Xiangru/Photography

Regarding facing NBA-level players in the T1 arena for two consecutive years, Hu Longmao also talked about the difference when playing against Howard and Cousins, “Both of them have strong collision force, both are NBA-level, and they will be beaten by them. In terms of the feeling of throwing it out, Howard is more like a rock, while Cousins ​​is hard with a little softness. He will not only be hard with you but also shoot blue, there is still a big difference between the two of them.”


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