Posan Tobing in action, billing royalties to the Box Band


expressed his disappointment with his former bandmate when he was still a member of the rock band Kotak.

As a former Kotak drummer, he doesn’t feel appreciated because after his resignation in 2011, he didn’t get any royalties from his songs.

“Since 2011 I have resigned until 2022, it really hurts because you three, Cella, Chua and Tantri, feel hurt in people’s YouTube videos, sometimes saying ‘we don’t want to find a drummer anymore because that’s the way it is, the distribution of the money is divided by three, ”Posan Tobing said when he met at Trans TV Studio, Tendean, South Jakarta on Thursday (6/10/2022).


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“You can say it like this, nobody forbids it, because it should be divided by three, but before it is divided by three, people’s rights are first put aside,” he continued.

Posan Tobing said he contributed to the creation of Kotak’s popular songs, such as Slowly, Always Love, Still Love, Leave Only, Relatives of Kotak, a Cinta Don’t Go.

These songs are often performed by Kotak during concerts.

“Don’t forget that you go to concerts everywhere, you bring my creations there,” said Posan Tobing.

“It’s not fair for you to talk for three before giving the rights to the people involved in the song,” he continued.

Kotak Band Photo: Tripa Ramadhan

Seeing himself as being neglected, Posan Tobing admitted he was hurt and devastated when he heard that the songs he composed had been performed without his permission.

“I’m like that because I’m sick, my heart hurts, my self-esteem is squeezed, the songs you bring to concerts come from me. What I get is not the royalties, but rather the pain,” said Posan Tobing. .

For now, the man who was born in Jakarta is still open to discussing this issue.

However, if the three do not fulfill his wishes, Posan Tobing will not hesitate to take the matter to court.

“The three of you hurt me, you three met me, we talked, tried to clarify, then professionally discussed the copyright issue,” Posan Tobing said.

“Now I have prepared a room for the meeting, if you can’t, let the court prepare the room,” he concluded.

detikcom contacted the box to ask for their response regarding this allegation. However, they did not respond.

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