POS, always do this before paying: “attention”

Il POS it is that device that is usually found near the cash desk, to allow the customer to pay by electronic payment with credit cardsdebit cards and pray cards.

There are many models in circulation, to allow you to choose the one that best suits your needs. The most used is the POS with the contactlesswith which you can directly support the card on the POS and the operation will go through on its own.

From 30 June 2022, it will be mandatory for any merchant to have an electronic device to allow the customer to pay as he wishes. Anyone who does not comply with this obligation or who does not want to charge with the card can be fined with a fine of 30 euros or even more (in the second case).

POS, always do this before paying: “attention”

As we just said, the contactless payment it is the most used and you just need to bring the card close to the device to perform the transaction.

Obviously, however, this is not always positive, because you have to pay close attention to the amount you write, since in a moment, the operation is started and there is no going back. As there is no need to enter the pin codethe transaction cannot be undone.

Another thing you need to pay close attention to is the ‘transaction denied’. When there is a malfunction of the POS, for example there is no internet connection or there is simply a problem with the reference bank, the transaction cannot go through.

In this case, a receipt is issued from the device stating that the transaction was not successful, with the reason.

Even if it seems a little pointless at the time, it is best to keep it, because it can happen that the transaction is carried out anyway and therefore we will find ourselves paying the same amount twice in a row. However, if you have the receipt, you can dispute the matter and you can get a refund.

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