Portuguese who died in an accident in Bulgaria was from Viana do Castelo

The Portuguese who died in a road accident that occurred this Monday in the province of Blagoevgrad, in Bulgaria, was from Viana do Castelo.

According to a source close to the victim, it is Nuno Barbosa, 36, residing in Meadela, in that municipality in northern Portugal.

This Tuesday night, messages of condolences and expressions of pain on the part of friends and acquaintances in the Viana do Castelo area were multiplying on social media.

Nuno Barbosa was traveling with two friends who were injured in the same accident.

According to a source in the office of the Secretary of State for Portuguese Communities, Berta Nunes, cited by Lusa, the accident involved a light vehicle and a bus.

In the light vehicle the three Portuguese were traveling, and the young man, who is now confirmed to be from Viana do Castelo, ended up dying.

The other two Portuguese “suffered injuries”, having been hospitalized at Hospital Regional Blagoevgrad, where they are “free from danger”, said the same source.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has already contacted the family of the Portuguese who died in this accident, having been made available “support in the procedures inherent to the conduct of forensic examinations and the transfer of the body to Portugal”.

The matter is being followed up by the Portuguese embassy in Sofia.

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