Portuguese receive 344 euros less per month and refuse to go south on holiday – coronavirus

With the covid-19 pandemic, the vast majority of Portuguese people saw their income decrease compared to previous years.

More than 40% guarantees that it has monthly breaks above 500 euros, with 5.4% reporting losses above 2.500 euros, while 10.2% points to a reduction of between 250 and 500 euros, with almost 30% admitting a monthly drop of less than 250 euros.

All told, the average drop in Portuguese incomes is around 344 euros a month, reveals a survey of 11,800 people, carried out between 6 and 26 June by the platform for hiring local services Fixando.

Respondents justify this drop in income to the direct consequences of the pandemic: dismissals (29.1%), layoffs (17.3%), mandatory stoppage of activity (17.6%) and drop in demand in the industry (17 %).

About 80% exclude the possibility of going south on vacation in 2020, in particular Algarve and Costa Vicentina, but the study also indicates that, in July, 51.5% do not consider going to the beach, 64% do not consider going to a center commercial and 66.6% do not intend to set foot in a restaurant.

In view of the deep crisis caused by the covid-19, one in four Portuguese (24.4%) claims to have already reduced spending, and is even saving money: 61% stopped going to restaurants, 53% no longer buys clothes or shoes, 48 % does not go out at night and 36% has stopped attending gyms.

Regarding fears for the future, the loss of income (45%), uncertainty about the future (45%), contracting covid-19 (41%), being unemployed (24%) and infecting third parties (23) %).

“These results are in line with what we see in the behavior of the Portuguese on our platform, that is, consumers have resorted more to home support services while unemployed professionals adapt to new business areas, such as delivery services” , highlights Alice Nunes, director of Business Development at Fixando.


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