World Portuguese can do tourism in Tunisia

Portuguese can do tourism in Tunisia


Portugal is at the middle level, alongside Spain and France, but tourists have to give a negative test to the covid-19, held three to five days before the trip, and staying in a hotel previously prepared by the State, with the only exception for organized tours.

At the end of the first week of the summer, tourists taking a second week must take a new test and, if it is negative, they can leave the quarantine.

Entry into Tunisia remains prohibited to nationals and residents in countries classified as “high risk”, including Brazil and the United States, and entry will only be allowed to Tunisians and Tunisian residents from those countries, who must complete two quarantine weeks, the first at the hotel and the second at home.

The list, drawn up by the National Observatory of New Diseases and Emergencies, is updated weekly, according to the latest epidemiological statistics.

A covid-19 killed more than 50 people in this North African country, out of 1,175 positive cases, of which 1,038 have recovered, reported the Eph.

Tunisia opened borders after three months of confinement, except for neighboring countries like Algeria and Libya, which are in a critical phase, but bilateral agreements are foreseen.

Some Member States of the European Union (EU) today began to reopen the external borders, but if some lift restrictions on the 15 countries on the European list, others reopen only a few and add countries that are not on the list.

The Council of the EU, which brings together the 27 Member States, formally approved by written procedure on Tuesday a list of 15 countries to which it will be allowed to resume “non-essential” travel to Europe, more than three months after the biggest closure of frontiers of the Union’s history, motivated by pandemic gives Covid-19.

The released list includes Tunisia, Algeria, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Montenegro, Morocco, New Zealândia, Rwanda, Serbia, South Korea, Thailandndia, Uruguay and China, but in the latter case subject to confirmation of reciprocity, that is, when the Asian country reopens its borders to the EU.

After five years of crisis in the sector tourism, which represents at least 14% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product and on which approximately 400,000 jobs depend direct e indirect, registered a recovery with the entry of nine million tourists last year.

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