Ports USB-C and an inductive charger for the Tesla Model 3

When the first Tesla Model 3 are outputs of the production lines of the factory in Fremont, Fremont in California, some of the interior fittings were missing. In particular, an inductive charger as well as USB ports,-C, widespread in most modern cars.

Ironically, these facilities are standard on the new Model Y. identical Situation to the first Model, the 3 outputs of the chinese factory (the ” Gigafactory 3).

A shortcoming now remedied, since the Tesla Model 3 made in the USA — a portion of which is exported in Europe — will now be equipped with two USB ports-C and an inductive charger (Qi standard).

Tesla offers an upgrade to the first owners of Model 3, but this changing is only related to the inductive charger and will be sold for 170 $. As for the ports-USB-C, it will go through a specific hub, to be ordered from a prop maker.

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