Port-Louis. A first author’s residence at the Musée de la Marine

“This is the first author’s residence at the Musée de la Marine, in Port-Louis (Morbihan), any site combined, explains Audrey Grandener, assistant to the administrator of the National Maritime Museum. Museums are places of meetings, of exchanges between several disciplines which can bring added value, a different perspective. “

Guylaine Kasza has in his baggage thirty years of travels from his native Brittany to distant countries, collections, artist residencies, both nationally and internationally, creations of shows loving to cross disciplines, universes , around what makes us all human.

In 2018, the artist became interested in youth literature, a new adventure, which brought him after a first novel, The bravest of the fearful (Syros editions), price of the city of Aubervilliers, to stop at the Citadel. “Because of my attachment to the maritime world and the privileged link that I weave with the sea and the oceans, it is with joy that I accepted the hospitality of the museum! “

“A place where reality and imagination come together”

A time of discovery and inspiration with the citadel and the staff working there as an anchor. “A place where reality and imagination come together, a place of humanity. On the sea, are there not men and women who risk their lives to save those of others, explorers, navigators, dreamers, those crazy for freedom, pushers of limits, desperate people? in search of the best? “

A discovery also of the town and its surroundings, of its inhabitants, its associations and its schoolchildren. Interventions in schools that are particularly important for the artist who wishes to be part of the transmission, the sharing, of his creative process for the development of children’s creativity.

A maritime alphabet

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The alphabet book will be the format chosen by the storyteller, for her share of freedom. “For each letter, are not a word, words and words used to name, to say, to relate? From this evocative word will be born the desire to write. “ A freedom for the reader also to leaf through the book at will. “A primer for sailing and wandering on the backs of the waves, docking in a port, playing hide and seek in a citadel, discovering its treasures, sailing with Ulysses full sail, asking questions such as “What is plankton?” “ “How many islands are there in Brittany? “. »


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