Porsche Taycan Turbo disappointed in the EPA’s energy efficiency ranking

The Porsche Taycan Turbo at the Frankfurt Motor Show IAA in autumn 2019. (Photo: Andreas Arnold, picture alliance via Getty Images)

Next test, next setback for the Porsche Taycan Turbo, flagship electric car from the Stuttgart-based manufacturer. The US environmental agency EPA has published its new energy efficiency rating and the sports car does well, well, modestly. The Taycan Turbo is only 323 kilometers away. Despite 93 kilowatt hour battery. Porsche’s new electric car thus occupies the inglorious last place.

Particularly bitter for Porsche: The EPA range is significantly below the value that the company in Europe itself. It says that the Taycan Turbo has a range of 381 to 450 kilometers. Source there: WLTP, a measurement method common in Europe. In contrast to the US Environmental Protection Agency, for example, testing is not carried out in hot and cold situations.

Porsche versus Tesla: the permanent duel

Porsche actually wanted to blow the Taycan Turbo to attack the US manufacturer Tesla. In terms of energy efficiency, however, this won’t work for now. The Tesla 3 Standard Range Plus, for example, lasts around 400 kilometers using the EPA process. The version of the Tesla S with the greatest range even manages 600 kilometers, almost twice as far as the Taycan Turbo.

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Whether that has to mean that Porsche’s flagship model is the “worst electric car in the world”, like the portal “EV Bite” claims to be left open. At least in one, the Porsche is significantly better than the Tesla Model S: in acceleration. Porsche did at the Vox show “Auto Mobil” the race in this category, (Lk / down)

You want to see for yourself where which car ends up in the EPA rating? Click here for the website.

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